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You Want Her Back But Is She Worth It?

By Dr. George Karanastasis

Want Her BackWhen you break up with a girl, naturally, you want her back. It’s kind of like an addiction. But like addictions, relationships aren’t always good for you.

So even though you’re longing to get this girl back into your life, it might not be your best option. You have to take a step back and ask yourself if she’s worth it.

But here’s the problem with that…

It’s hard to see things from a rational point of view when you’re drowning in depression. Actually, it’s closer to impossible. And to make things worse, most of your actions will be based on emotion rather than logic. They’ll be poorly thought out - if at all - and carried out impulsively.

This is the reason that many relationships don’t stand a chance after the initial breakup. But in some cases things work out… initially… and that’s the unfortunate part. Why? Because after putting in a big amount of effort to patch up a relationship, the guy is still stuck with all the problems that broke it apart in the first place.

Yes, it hurts being with out her… but sometimes she’s just not worth it… no matter how bad you want her back. So, given these facts, how can you really know? And the answer is: you can’t, at least not with 100% certainty.

The only way to be absolutely sure she’s not the right girl for you is to get her back first. It’s only after that cloud of negative emotions has passed over you that you can start to think clearly and logically about your situation to make the right decision. It’s either that or wait to get over her completely. But even then - the lack of closure of the latter situation might leave you thinking that things could have been different.

And then… there’s the other option. It’s not as accurate or effective as the former, and it certainly won’t leave you feeling completely confident in your decision to cut your losses. But still… it could be just want you need if you have your doubts about this girl and want to save yourself the headache and heartache that comes with getting her back.

So what is this other option? A good old list of pro’s and con’s. By writing down and logically analyzing the good parts of the relationship and the bad parts… you’ll get a better sense of what’s right for you.

Let me explain this further by going back to that addiction analogy I made at the beginning of this post. When you lose a girl, you want her back. However, like an addiction, this desire is drastically amplified because you tend to focus exclusive on its positive aspects and not its negatives.

However, by putting things out on paper (or a screen) you’ll have everything staring you in the face: the good and the bad. At that point, making the right choice becomes much easier… even when you’re drowning in sorrow.

And if you decide she’s not worth any more of your time you just saved yourself months and months of misery. However, if that lists just strengthens your conviction to get her back, the exercise serves an even greater purpose: the negative parts of the relationship will keep you grounded so you don’t put this girl on a pedestal when you’re trying to patch things up. And this, my friend, will go a long way in ensuring you get want you want.

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