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Sad Breakup Songs And Why They Suck!

By Dr. George Karanastasis

Sad Breakup SongsThere’s nothing like a sad breakup song to make you feel worse when you’re down in the dumps. You know… a little Bob Marley (No Woman, No Cry) or a little Script (Breakeven) or… even some Justin Bieber for the younger generation. But regardless of your musical tastes all of these songs (and others like them) have one thing in common: they suck!

They serve no other purpose than to feed your misery. But it gets worse… much worse. Why? Because after listening to these songs long enough you start to really “relate” to the lyrics. It’s as if the songwriter had you (and your exact situation) in mind when he or she wrote them.

And then… the inevitable occurs…

You start with a drink or something stronger (INSERT EMOTIONAL CRUTCH OF CHOICE HERE). One leads to another and next thing you know… you reach for the phone. What follows? The drunk dial - that and the profession of your undying love for your ex. And we all know what that leads to.

So if you happened to stumble on to this page because you’re looking for a sad breakup song to feed your misery - STOP RIGHT NOW. Instead, play a tune from a happy time in your life (preferably something that has nothing to do with your ex). Trust me, you’ll save yourself from a lot of pain… and possibly plenty of embarrassment and a wicked hangover ;)

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