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Hugh Hefner Is Getting Divorced?!!!

By Dr. George Karanastasis

Hugh Hefner Is Getting Divorced!Hugh Hefner - arguably the luckiest man alive - is getting divorced! Now, it’s not the actual news that’s a shocker. It’s the fact that he’s been married all these years.

How can anyone living that kind of lifestyle have a wife?

Apparently he’s been separated since ‘98, but still… I’m surprised it lasted that long. According to Heffner, “I am happy to be out of the marriage. I only remained married (to Conrad) for the sake of the children, at her request. I am happy to have this behind me.” (Source: Yahoo.com)

So why am I writing about this on the Breakup Blog? Because there’s a very important lesson to be learned here…

I’m sure Hefner got plenty of heat from the wife by being the center of the Playboy mansion party scene - even though they were separated. It’s fully understandable why he’s happy to have this behind him.

Nevertheless, he still chose to stay married throughout these years solely for the sake of his kids. That’s quite commendable in my book (not to mention a rarity in today’s day and age).

Psychology tells us that parents are individuals first. However, mine brought me up to believe that it’s the children who come first. And luckily for my sister and me, they practiced what they preached - even if that wasn’t the case at the core, “primitive”, level.

This is very important - not only when you’re together with someone - but when you’re broken up as well. The children have to remain at the forefront of the equation, no matter how bad you’re hurting. All actions and decisions must be based on them first, regardless of how selfish your feelings are forcing you to be.


Because aside from the obvious reason (they’re your kids and deserve the best you can give them) it’s the key to getting what you want. You can never be happy with this person - or without - if the needs of your children aren’t met first.

Always keep this in mind…

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One Response to “Hugh Hefner Is Getting Divorced?!!!”

  1. Dr. Q Says:
    December 27th, 2009 at 11:02 am

    There is another way to look at it which may clarify things even more.

    The two parents should ask themselves “Who will benefit, and who will suffer, if we fight and end this marriage on bad terms?” Often times the answer is that both parents may feel some temporary benefit from giving into their anger, or getting a feeling of retribution. On the other hand, if the parents are as amicable as possible, the children will benefit from a healthy relationship with both of their parents and will be more likely to benefit from the support offered by both parents.

    Guys, you married her at one time; there must have been a reason. The fact that you found out later that things didn’t work out is not the fault of your children. So, when your soon-to-be ex-wife gets vindictive, hostile or hyper-critical because you’re going through a divorce, try not to respond in kind. You’ll be far happier with yourself in the future.


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