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How to Make Women Laugh

By Dr. George Karanastasis

What’s the one thing common to men who are good with women? Humor. It’s so essential if you want to attract - and keep - the opposite sex.

In fact, if you were to ask ten random girls what three traits they’d want in man - all of them would include humor as one of them. Therefore, it’s an absolute must to be able to make women laugh.

But why is humor powerful when it comes to getting the girl (and especially, when getting her back)?

The answer is simple: humor equals laughter. And laughter is big source of pleasure and happiness. What woman doesn’t want to be pleasured and happy? After all, don’t you?

Not only that… but humor projects confidence. When you can make women laugh, it’s obvious that you’re comfortable with yourself and this trait is irresistible to them. Why? Because the typical image of a humorous guy is never flustered or too hung up about trivial things. Instead, he’s able to have fun in even the most difficult situations… and more importantly… he knows how to make others have fun.

In short, humorous guys are attractive (actually, downright sexy is a more appropriate term).

Furthermore, humor is a powerful way to diffuse tension. This is crucial if you’re trying to repair a relationship. You can pull off almost any embarrassing situation or misunderstandings with the right humor. Made a mistake on your date a woman (or your ex)? Wrong vibe? Humor can always come in handy to turn it around. In fact, it’s psychologically impossible to dislike someone who has consistently made you laugh for a couple of times.

But here’s the thing…

Not every guy possesses this “skill”. And make no mistake about it… it’s a skill… one that can be learned like any other. And one of the best ways to quickly and effortlessly master this skill is to check out Martin Merrill’s amazing course called, “Make Women Laugh“.

Once mastered, this skill will go a long way in ensuring you get your ex back after a breakup - or any other girl if you’re looking for someone new.

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