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How to Make Her WANT You Back

By Dr. George Karanastasis

How to Make Her WANT You BackWhat’s sweeter than getting your girlfriend back? It’s making her want you back.

How amazing would it feel to have the girl that rejected you desperate for a second chance at your relationship?

And if you’re in the midst of a bad breakup I bet this doesn’t seem likely. But not only is it possible… it’s probable… but only if you take the right steps.

So here’s how to do it…

You take 2 steps forward and 1 step back. Let me explain this further by painting you a picture:

You’ve finally gotten this girl to let her guard down. She’s much warmer towards you. You’re talking more frequently, seeing each other on a regular basis, and it looks like you’re headed in the right direction.

But still, you feel you’re far away from getting her back as a girlfriend. This is the point where you need to pull back a little. Not only to avoid the dreaded “friend zone” but to ramp up her desire for you… and fast.

What do I mean by “pulling back?” Well, you show her alternate levels of attention. For example, don’t always be the one to call her. If that’s been the routine as of late, take a step back and let her contact you first.

And this goes for everything else in your interactions: you give a little and you step back to get some in return. That’s what taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back is all about.

But heed this word of warning: this has to be done tactfully and at a moderate pace. If she gets the feeling that you’re playing too hard to get from one moment to the next — you’ve lost the game.

Timing and moderation is the key to making this work. When done right, this tactic can not fail to make her want you back. And for a little more help with the overall strategy, click here to get this exclusive report that shows you exactly how to do it.

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9 Responses to “How to Make Her WANT You Back”

  1. Steven Says:
    September 5th, 2009 at 3:20 pm

    Dear Doc K

    I think your audio is a great! and it keeps people more connected with you than just reading your words. Please keep on with it because it is very therapeutic. I recently had sexual relations with my ex before I read your book and I cried in front of her and she cried in front of me telling me that she never meant to hurt me. Later that night I talked to her on the phone and I told that I love and her and will always be there for her. She said she feels guilty for which she did to me which is breaking up with me while dating another man! She said she doesn’t know why I would still remain friends with her given the present situation because she is still talking to this guy, and I told her because I forgive her and I love her, but she still wants to be friends with me. I saw her this monday because I needed some money and ever since this monday since I have read your book! I have talked to her less on the phone. I saw her yesterday sep 4, 2009 to give her all the money I borrowed back from her on monday and we kissed each other. Both of us! which felt great because It was sincere and not fake. I can tell because I know her well enough to know the difference. I asked her if there was anything I have done wrong now or in the past that led to this break up that she would like to get off her chest and the only things she said were that I was too persuasive at times with her and that I study too much. I left the conversation with one last note and that is that we always had each other’s back and that it was never about I but we! and that I never expected anything from her other than watching out for one another. There was lots of laughs during the time spent with her for a hour that day. She called me up yesterday and I didn’t pick up; instead I waited ten minutes before calling her and she never picked up and since then I haven’t heard from her since. There is one more element here Dr.K and that is her parents do not like me. I met them once and her parents said that they wanted her to focus on college and not on boys. We met each other in college by the way. Then this year after she had her associate’ s we started hanging out and she would leave without telling her parents who she was with because her parents didn’t want to let her get out a lot without there approval. So we finally had to see each other one day so I could give her birth control at a certain time every month and her father blocked the door! it was at that point that I met her parents again and they told me I could come over whenever I wanted, but when she came home after they approved me to take her out that day, she said her father was quiet with her and she disliked it and wanted to take a break with us because things are getting to compicated. This was in june of 2009, during the months ahead I found out that her parents think that I am too old to be getting an associate’s even though I am only 26 in engineering because I should have a bachelor’s degree already and they only want what’s best for her or the best for her, and I found out that she had someone else this whole time while I thought we were working on our issues with each other in order to salvage the relationship. I don’t know if the strategy you have employed will work because of her parents? what do you think Dr.K?

  2. Dr. George Karanastasis Says:
    September 9th, 2009 at 8:05 pm

    Hi Steven and thanks for the comment. (Sidenote: WOW, that’s a LOOOONG paragraph!)

    I picked out a couple of important points I would like to chime in on:

    #1: “I have talked to her less on the phone.” If you are pulling back, make sure you do this gradually as discussed in the book. You agreed on friendship so don’t turn things around from one day to the next (you’ll find more details in your book).

    #2: Her parents not liking you. I have covered this scenario extensively in the FAQ Audio that came with your course. It’s quite a challenge but it can be overcome. You have to earn their respect if you want this work because it seems that they have a lot of control over her.

    They did tell you that you could go over whenever you wanted to. That’s great, but don’t wear out your welcome (and aggravate the situation any further).

    As for what they think about your associate’s degree, that’s quite irrelevant. You should do what YOU want with your life. Don’t make these kinds of choices based on what other people think.

  3. Steven Says:
    September 10th, 2009 at 7:56 pm

    Hey doc, one of the members or counselors from the repair community hotline that you have, which I am subscribed to told me to not contact her ever more! and other e-mail responses from other counselors were similar in that I should go into no contact. So last night she called me after I had not called or indicated I was going to call her for more than a day and if she didn’t contact me I wouldn’t have contacted her because I was going by your team’s advice. I wanted to follow out a more gradual phase of your withdrawal as suggested in your book, but luckily while your team was giving me advice I was making this gradual phase and it took me 9 days to finally lay it out on her, but she didn’t ask me if there was a problem with me not calling or anything before I laid it on her. Any way I gave her a choice! Him or me, because I am not going to be your friend while you are his girlfriend. Ultimately I was dissapointed inside my head that she chose him over her boyfriend of over 26 months which is me. I didn’t sound dissapointed though, i was cool and calm and told her I need my distance or some time to think and being in contact with you will only cloud these thoughts. She respected my decision but started to bring up “you know you could call me anytime you” MY response. “I have to let you go right now bye” Im sorry to sound so ignorant but tell me what do you think doc about everything? and the whole scenario?

  4. Mr Tay Says:
    September 22nd, 2009 at 2:09 pm

    My scenarios a unique one indeed and lets give you a run for your money doc

    the start of this year i became Bestfriends with a girl, we got extreamly close and such and i finally racked up the nerve to ask her out (around march)
    she said no and that she cudnt think of me like that
    i accepted it and we continued to be friends

    I then asked again a few months later with the same answer.. Dam… but we stayed friends

    Now it gets a little differant. we stayed CLOSEST friends for around 4-5 months and we were getting on like ANYTHING, she told me she missed me when we hadnt spoke. we cud constaly cuddle and tell each other how much we loved each other
    we were finally togeather but we didnt say anything even though we both knew (i know this for a fact)

    Then her freind got back from holiday and she was about to go on holiday with her.. it suddenly became allll about her. which i was fine with im not the clingy kind to be honest
    but then she started to become very straight with me E.G not showing the same interest not laughing at me jokes not giving me a smile or cuddle anymore.

    we had a BIG chat one night and she said that she dosnt seem to miss comming out with me anymore and dosnt look foward to it like she used to
    and that she dosnt feel were best friends anymore and she needs to become friends again before we go back onto what we were….

    this was all outa the blue and ive been following ure guide but its very difficult at time.
    ive pulled the thorn out my side and im happy again but when i go and speak to her, shes very blunt and not caring if u will… so i usually just go and talk to come one else

    i always get a text later though saying ‘werd you go’ or ‘how are you, you just got up and left earlier’ so she does notice….

    im not really looking for an answer just more of a verdict you know.
    shes my first love and is special to me
    ive promised ill ALWAYS look after to her and ive never broken it because of her past hasnt been to great.

    its just hard at times…

  5. Dr. George Karanastasis Says:
    September 22nd, 2009 at 11:31 pm

    Mr. Tay,

    I’ll be honest: your situation is rather tricky. You guys where together but at the same time it wasn’t a true relationship. When I first read your comment it seemed like a UST but that’s not really the case based on the how the ‘relationship’ progressed. It seems like you’re stuck in the dreaded friend zone.

    Have a read through that post I just linked to and click on to watch the video that Simon has put up. From the looks of it, he’s much more suited to guide you through this than I am.

    Best of luck!

  6. bhups Says:
    September 29th, 2009 at 3:53 am

    dear dr. k
    my story is little different. i entered into a relationship with a married woman who was my college crush.she is married for 05 yrs and has a daughter as well.things started and we started dating.it is the same girl who had said no to me in the initial days of college. we were lost for 09 years and remet now.we had sex once.now she is feeling guilty for her husband. she says she wants some space and she herself will contact me.i am totally devastated without her.pl advise because i have no way to go.i want to get her back ain after reading your article i feel you are the only one who can guide me through this.let me tell we had great 05 months together before all this happened

  7. Dr. George Karanastasis Says:
    October 7th, 2009 at 3:41 pm


    Unfortunately, I don’t believe I can assist you in this matter. The woman you’re in love with is married to someone else.

    I don’t want to come off as judgmental, however, try to put yourself her husband’s shoes. How would you feel if this was your wife?

  8. Bockmon Says:
    October 30th, 2009 at 9:02 pm

    I have been dating this girl that I love for 3 and a half years. We dated over a long distance relationship for about 4 months before she moved in with me. We then lived and dated while I was going to school. The whole time, she has had feelings for another man she found on the internet. She continues to talk to him even though she tries to play it off as if nothing was happening. I would get upset and act immature with cursing and crying. For the first year, we were great. But then after that, we have been fighting about stupid things again and again. Before, She moved away for about 3 months and came back. And now she wants to move away again.

  9. Bockmon Says:
    October 30th, 2009 at 9:03 pm

    Please help me, I don’t know what to do to make her believe that I will change this time.


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