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How to Get Him Back After a Breakup

By Dr. George Karanastasis

The Breakup Blog is (and continues to be) the go-to resource for men who want to save their relationships. However, since this site gets a considerable amount of visits from women who want to get an ex-boyfriend back, I figured this short post was in order.

You see, getting a girl back and getting a guy back involve several of the same strategies. With that said, there are differences… and big ones. If you’re a woman going through a breakup and you attempt to get him back by using a “one-size-fits-all-approach”… you’re in for a big surprise.


Because some of the key tactics men use to get a girlfriend back could easily backfire in your situation and push him further away. Now, the above-mentioned differences might seem insignificant to most but they are crucial nonetheless. Therefore, I highly recommended that if you’re trying to get an ex-boyfriend back… stay as far away from people who dish out “one-size-fits-all-advice” (i.e. advice that’s “supposed” to work for both men and women).

It just won’t work…

Instead, get help from someone who knows the topic of women’s relationship repair inside out. And one of the best when it comes to knowledge on getting a man back is Bob Grant (AKA “The Relationship Doctor”). He’s a licensed professional counselor and author of How to Get Him Back.

So, if you’re currently going through a breakup, click here to get your guy back and keep him devoted to you for good…

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