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Guy Dumps Cheating Girlfriend On Live Radio

By Dr. George Karanastasis

Here’s the story of Chris and Ashley. In a nutshell, they’ve been dating for about 5 years. She’s expecting him to propose. Why? Because she happened to find a ring while going through his stuff (they live together by the way). But… she gets an unexpected suprise - on live radio - when Chris calls her out for cheating…

Click here to listen to the entire bit…

So, after listening what do you think? Was he too harsh on her? Let your voice be heard by commenting below…

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8 Responses to “Guy Dumps Cheating Girlfriend On Live Radio”

  1. duke Says:
    March 2nd, 2010 at 10:15 am

    Dear Dr. George Karanastasis,

    hi there! i wonder if you could give me advice on what to do regarding my ex gf.

    we broke up 3 days ago for the 2nd time around. for her, she wants us to be just friends so we’d have no fights and no more problems and she thinks its the best for us. but for me, its not. she broke up with me over the phone and she only thought about the idea of doing it in the afternoon. she borke up with me on the night of that day on the phone.

    the day after it, she texted me. asking me how i am and telling me that she cooked something that day. our text messaging lasted for only 5 text exchange. and then the day after it, she again texted me “goodnight” and i replied with a smiley like this “:)”. she replied asked why i am still awake and she asked why is it a different smiley (as i always use the letter u with two dots above it smiley when we were together) and if is it really me? and now is the third day. and she replied to a post to my facebook, its about something expensive i got for free and i was really, really happy about it. she replied “congrats”.

    after all, i never contacted her after the break up. why is it she does those things? please help me read whats in the situation. thanks you!

  2. Dr. George Karanastasis Says:
    March 4th, 2010 at 2:52 pm

    Hey Duke,

    This is quite typical after a breakup. There are two things that could be going on here:

    1) She’s not ready to completely cut you out of her life (hence the reason she keeps contacting you).

    2) She’s not serious about the breakup. It could be her way of gauging how things go between the two of you during this period before she makes her final decision.

    Regardless of the reason, it’s not a good idea to continue this pattern. Why? Because more likely than not you’ll end up getting hurt.

    If she keeps you close by just to “cushion her fall” then the moment she stops feeling the need for that cushion, she’ll become more and more distant. On the other hand, you’ll most likely be getting your hopes up - and even becoming more attached to her - and will feel even worse once she really starts to become distant.

    You have to figure out if this breakup truly is serious or if it is the second situation I’ve written above.

    If she is just testing the waters to see how you guys will do in the future, put things out in the open and attempt to solve your differences. If not, then cut her off politely and start the healing (and possible reunion) process.

    You can learn more about how to identify and go about this in my book, How to Get Her Back for Good.

    Best of luck to you,
    Dr. K

  3. duke Says:
    March 11th, 2010 at 7:42 am

    hi Dr. K,

    thank you for your reply. i appreciate it that much. the past few days, she was the always one who talks to me first. i never initiate any contact. we talk like how we used to when we were just friends..

    sometimes when theres this dead air when we text or chat, she opens up another topic to talk about to continue a conversation. the truth is, i wanted to win her back.

    here’s what she said why she wanted us to break up: she wanted me to grow, she has personal problems and she wanted us to stay friends as of now and fix things because if we are in a relationship there are a lot of complications. she said that she loves me too so much and if its us, then it is us. if not, then not but she is not losing hope in it.

    what i am doing now, is i only let her come to me. if she texts, i reply in a caring and friendly tone and i always sound cheerful. can you tell that how she contacts me is that she is testing the waters? i really want to win her back, am i doing the right thing? giving just enough distance? hope to hear from you again Dr. K. :)

  4. buckwheat Says:
    June 3rd, 2010 at 4:04 am

    that’s a little too harsh. yeah. she cheated. that’s not alright. but on live radio…? really chris?

  5. jhay Says:
    September 6th, 2010 at 12:32 am

    My ex girlfriend broke up with me cus I cheated on her, I found this great website called saveabreakup.com , I followed all the instructions on it and it helped me get back with my ex, now we’ve been together for almost 2 years. :)

  6. Henrik! Says:
    September 21st, 2010 at 11:19 am

    Hi Georg! Sorry my english, i’m from norway(if that’s a good excuse?). Okay, i was just wondering if you could help me a bit here, im going to write about my problem with my girl.

    Our problems started when she asked if we could take a break(15/8), she said she was starting to loose her feelings for me, this night i was really sad, and i got a tips about your book (How to get her back for good). And only wanted to get back with her, so i didnt pay so much attention to the 30 first sites in the book. I decided to just let her take contact, she did after a week. She told me that she had tought of me every day. I did hold back my excitement, and tried to act casual and cool. Sooner that week, we hang out and i told her that if our relationship is going to workout, we have to be honest with each other, you have to be more open to me. She agreed. But after this break i didnt really trust her, i was scared of when she was going to drop the bomb. She did(19/9) and i kinda had it coming. Because the night before we had a fight at a party and i topped it all by yelling “get the hell away from me, just go” to her. The next day i hang out with some friends of mine, and they told me that if you were going to save the relationship i had to tell her that i was really sorry, that i love her, and i’m never going to do it again and so on. I didnt know what to do, so figured out that, this was the best solution. I sent her a message, and asked if we could have a talk. She came to me at 19:00. I told her from my heart that i was sorry. Then she said that she didnt think it would work out anymore. She started to cry, i started to cry first when i saw her cry and hugged her. I didnt beg her to stay with me or anything. She said such things that, she lost the spark, and she only wanted me as a friend. I told her that i didnt want her as a friend. She said that it was best i she left, i noded to her. And i walked her outside my house. We hugged eachother a long time, and both she and i, cried several times. She also said that she really loves me, and if it is any problems i could just call her.
    I thought for my self, to end the relationship as i started it, give her a “dry” kiss(when the lips arent wet). I kissed her fast, pulled my head away, she hugged me, and gave me a kiss at the cheek.
    I let go off her and turned away and opened the door.

    Later she sent me a long message and i answered pretty cold.
    Her bestfriend told me that she had comed crying and sobing to her.

    I started to read you book again that night, and i thought about which strategy to use to get her back, because i really want her back! But i dont think i fit in with any of the strategies, the nearest must be Limited Contact.
    But i dont know how to act around her on school.
    Here are some of my conscerns:
    -We go to the same school, but we dont have any of the same clases.
    -We have to take the same bus on the morning and the evenings.
    -She doesnt have a lot of friends so she is hanging out with some of my girlfriends.
    -We’re relativley young.

    How should i act at school, ignore her, smile at her, be nice to her?
    I could really need some help at this one man!

  7. erick Says:
    January 22nd, 2011 at 7:34 am

    I hear this live audio before…the girl was shock when they say she cheating..

  8. Getting your Ex Back Says:
    January 27th, 2011 at 3:01 pm

    I had my wife leave me on count of my cheating. I love my wife don’t get me wrong I found that if you humble yourself and throw your pride out the window you still can save your marriage.


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