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Do Love Spells Work to Get Her Back?

By Dr. George Karanastasis

love spellsI find myself chuckling as I write this. Of all the the things I ever imagined posting, love spells, would have been the last on my list.


Because this concept seems a bit ridiculous (no offense to anyone who’s into this kind of stuff).

But there’s a good reason for this post. Namely - the massive amount of blog spam I’ve received lately. Somehow, some way, certain scammers believe that by placing a few strategic comments on blogs, people will magically flock to them to try out their voodoo magic for saving their relationship.

If only it were that simple…

Listen, if you’re trying to get a girl back, you have to follow tried and true methods that have been proven to work over and over again.

As for love spells? Well, I’m no expert on those but I think it’s just a bunch of B.S. (again, no offense to anyone who seriously believes in them).

Furthermore, here’s something to consider…

If this person is really important to you, why would you risk losing them by attempting some far-reaching, abstract methods. Wouldn’t it make sense to do what’s worked for thousands of others before you?

Something to consider…

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2 Responses to “Do Love Spells Work to Get Her Back?”

  1. Eric Says:
    December 13th, 2011 at 1:59 pm

    Dr. K,

    I recently broke up with my girlfriend for a second time and found myself more devastated than the first time earlier this year. After that first break up, I read your book, used the NC approach, and it worked. She contacted me two months later and we were back together. Three months ago I moved to a different city for a job. This strengthened our relationship because she finally realized how much the relationship meant to her. The problem was that the same issues that ended things the first time, ended it a second time (resentment, jealousy) A close friend of mine spoke to her and said that she “doesn’t think I’ll ever change”. The NC approach worked perfectly last time, except that I didnt change myself. Is there any hope this time around or have I truly lost her for good?

  2. tony Says:
    December 14th, 2011 at 3:45 pm

    dear dr, I broke up with my girlfriend 3 days ago and can’t get her off my mind. Bear with me as I tell you what my story is. Me and my gf started dating 11 months ago, it was amazing we connected instantly and have travelled on several vactions together. We never argued or fought, we were an amazing couple. She did sometimes raise concerns over our future and if we would like together and I would ensure her we would. She would always want me to sleepover and sometimes I would however a lot of the time I would go home. This was because of work in the morning and also my family. You see we come from to diffrent background, she is cacausian and I am east indian, in my culture one does not sleep with gf until marriage however I still did just my parents did not know. They knew my gf however and did like her she was over at my house often and they liked her. During our relationship, she was aware that I was going abroad for law school and she was very proud and stood by me. I left in september and would return dec 1st. Then second semester I’d go jan til march I was home most of the time. However, in nov, one month before I came home she began to act diffrent. She told me out of the blue, “our conversations don’t go anywhere and the relationship is not growing”. This Is what made me change from a secure, confident, happy guy into an insecure one who was scared to lose his gf. I went into panic mode and started asking why and trying to hard to show her how much I loved her. She said the following things to me over the course of a month before a came 1) this relationship isn’t going anywhere 2) I don’t see a future together 3) how can this grow if its the same questions everyday 4) our familes are so different, I don’t know if your culture is right for me 5) I don’t feel like I will fit into your family 6) Its fun and your amazing but I need more emotionally 7) I’m ready for next step and your not 8) with you I have to take 10 steps back 9) I’ve been where you are already and need the next level, its unfair to force that on you 11) we talk more like friends, I love you as a person but not “in love” 12) I need to do what’s right for me and best for both of us….this is the hell I went through while I was studying LAW in a diffrent country! How the hell is this fair to me? And to make this BS worse, she would say she misses me and still show come affection. So she told me we would talk when I was home. I came back and things seemed off however, after a talk she seemed to be comming around and after hanging another time she was laughing and we reminised about old times, it seemed like it would repair slowly. However….day later she pulled same BS on the phone said “its better we stay friends when u go back” and “I don’t want to give you false hope” I got angry and swore at her and hung up…needless to say a mistake it ended there. I felt horrible, lost and I cried. I texted her a day later and apologized she wrote me back and said that we need time apart and that she doesn’t no what the future hold but maybe we would find a way back to eachother. Over last few days I’ve felt so depressed and wanting to call her and beg but I can’t because that’s not right and I don’t want a gf I have to beg. So dr, I found your book, I bought it online and got to page 77. I relized and agreed with so much you said, I can’t chase her or give her the power, I just want to make sure with you that NC is the way to go? I need your advice or anyone who’s had success with this books advice on the matter….this is the girl I want to be with and want her back just want it asap cause I don’t want her finding another guy. I want her to contact me sooner rather than later, waiting is killing me. Please if anyone could offer me some advice I would be forever greatful.


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