Relationship Rants

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How to Make Women Laugh

What’s the one thing common to men who are good with women? Humor. It’s so essential if you want to attract - and keep - the opposite sex.
In fact, if you were to ask ten random girls what three traits they’d want in man - all of them would include humor as one of them. […]

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Should You Get Your Ex Girlfriend a Gift for Valentine’s Day?

Breaking up just before Valentine’s Day is not only (excruciatingly) painful, but quite confusing as well. For example: do you still take your ex out on a date? Do you just call to wish her a happy Valentine’s Day? And… do you get her a flowers or even a gift? Or… do you drop off […]

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Sad Breakup Songs And Why They Suck!

There’s nothing like a sad breakup song to make you feel worse when you’re down in the dumps. You know… a little Bob Marley (No Woman, No Cry) or a little Script (Breakeven) or… even some Justin Bieber for the younger generation. But regardless of your musical tastes all of these songs (and others like […]

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What Penny Pinching Can Teach You About Breakups

“In less than three years, Carrie Rocha and her husband, Marco, paid off $50,000 of nonmortgage debt and accumulated a six-month emergency fund and other savings by clipping coupons, buying store brands and reducing unnecessary expenses.” - Source:
Amazing, isn’t? Not only did this couple get out of (significant) debt, they managed to pad their […]

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Why Guys Get Whipped By Their Women

You know the type. They hear “Jump!” and respond with “How high?” Now, there’s no such thing as equality in a relationship. Someone always has the upper hand. But that doesn’t mean you should allow the scale to tip too far in her favor. Why?
Because when it does, you’re whipped. And that’s a bad spot […]

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How to Get Her Trust Back - 3 Rules That Should Never Be Broken

Losing a girl’s trust will often lead to a breakup. And the only way to patch things up is to gain that trust back.
Unfortunately, it’s not an easy task. Nevertheless, it’s a necessary step to repairing a relationship.
With that said, this post will point out 3 rules that should never be broken if you hope […]

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Can Guys and Girls Be Friends? Absolutely NOT!

Guys and girls can not be friends. Yeah, I said it - they just can’t. I know
I’ll get some heat for this but it’s true.
“Wait a minute!” I hear you crying, “I have many girl friends so what are you going on about?”
Listen. I do too - but not by choice. In fact, men never […]

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Getting a Girlfriend vs. Getting a Girl Back

A relationship begins and ends with attraction. So
it’s no surprise that when guys go through a breakup many of them turn to the pick-up community for help. Why? Because pick-up artists (PUA) are masters at attracting women. They’ve got the whole thing down to a science.
And while their techniques are great for getting a girlfriend… […]

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How To Rekindle Love In Your Relationship

Starting a new relationship with the right person can result in a “high” that no drug can match (natural or synthetic).
It is in this first of six stages of a relationship (the one I call the ‘Honeymoon’) that we feel ourselves to be “in love”.
But just like all good things come to an end, this […]

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Who Handles Relationship Rejection Better - Guys Or Girls?

Most people would agree that men are strong while women are sensitive. It’s quite a stereotype, but a widely accepted one, nonetheless.
So with this in mind, you’d expect our “better halves” to have a harder time dealing with rejection in relationships (and to be more specific: during a breakup).
A logical assumption? I’d say so… but […]

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