How To Get Over Her

Breakup Recovery Time Depends on Type of Breakup (and This…)

Rich Santos hit the nail on the head with his recent article on why some breakups take longer to recover from than others. So, does it depend on the people involved or is it merely a matter of the underlying circumstances? Santos leans towards the latter and I couldn’t agree more.
In a nutshell, he lists […]

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6 Signs You’re Finally Over Your Ex Girlfriend

Breakups have a way of taking your world and turning it upside-down. At first the pain is unbearable, the emotions overwhelming… and it seems as if nothing can make things right.
But time heals all wounds - and breakups are no exceptions to this. And while the process is gradual, you don’t realize that you’re slowly […]

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Dealing With A Breakup - Humor For The Broken-Hearted

Dealing with a breakup is tough - there’s no question about that. It’s not easy to lose the one you love. However, more often than not we make our situation tougher than it needs to be.
Pouring our hearts out to anyone and everyone who will listen is just one of those ways we make things […]

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Surviving A Breakup - A Simple Strategy That Always Works

It’s a universal fact that surviving a breakup is no simple task. And this goes double if you’re on the receiving end of it. The pain and shattered self esteem that go hand in hand with this unfortunate event can be so intense as to send even the toughest guys spinning into a frenzy.
And if […]

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