How To Get Her Back

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Do You Really Want Her Back or Is It Just Rejection?

Whenever we lose something, it’s natural to want it back. Breakups are a perfect example of this. But here’s a question to consider…
What are we actually pursuing: the girl or just our ego? It’s a very important point (especially if the answer is the latter).
In all fairness, one can never truly know before getting back […]

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Getting Out of the Friend Zone

We’ve all been there. We like a girl, get close with her, but can’t seal the deal. And the longer the friendship lasts - the worse our chances become.
Welcome to the “friend zone”. Getting into it is common. Getting out of it: rare… or is it?
Truth be told, most men can’t make the leap from […]

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Tricks to Get Her Back Can Cost You Your Relationship

What’s worse than losing the girl you love? Having her hate your guts with no chance at a reunion.
Sadly, that’s exactly what happens when one relies on tricks to get her back. I’m talking about things like ignoring her, insulting her, and intentionally trying to make her jealous.
Now, some guys use these methods because they […]

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How to Make Her WANT You Back

What’s sweeter than getting your girlfriend back? It’s making her want you back.
How amazing would it feel to have the girl that rejected you desperate for a second chance at your relationship?
And if you’re in the midst of a bad breakup I bet this doesn’t seem likely. But not only is it possible… it’s probable… […]

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Why Nice Guys Finish Last When It Comes to a Breakup

Every guy does it. Their girlfriend calls it quits and they instantly become “nice.” What’s wrong with that? Plenty. In fact, it always backfires. And here’s why…
Being kind isn’t the problem - but going overboard is. That’s what most men do after a breakup. They become the nicest guys in the world and push their […]

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The Top 5 Breakup Excuses & How to Interpret Them

Every breakup happens for a reason. But too often, that reason is never revealed (at least not the real one).
And we get it ladies… you’re trying your best NOT to add fuel to the fire; to avoid making a bad situation even worse…
But dare I say that your “gracious” attempts to cushion our fall are […]

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Why Sex With The Ex Is Bad News During A Breakup

Having sex is oftentimes compared to having pizza: even when it’s bad… it’s good.
And while this holds true as far as physical feelings are concerned, when it comes to its emotional aftermath (especially during a breakup) it’s a different story altogether.
You see, jumping into bed with your ex girlfriend can be a bad idea if […]

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Meeting Your Ex Girlfriend After A Breakup - 6 Do’s And Don’ts

So, you haven’t seen your ex girlfriend since your breakup and now she’s asked you to meet up. You happily oblige…
You’re excited, yet nervous - full of hope, and at the same time, weary of what might happen… and rightfully so, because this is quite a crucial part of the getting back together process and […]

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How NOT To Get Her Back - The Nice Habit That Can Cost You Your Relationship

Aside from the obvious blunders that we men tend to make following a breakup (e.g. becoming desperate for a second chance, persuading her to come back, giving her gifts and flowers)…
things that obviously don’t work in saving a relationship…
there’s a not-so-obvious blunder can be even more counter-productive than the former when it comes to getting […]

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How To Win Her Back - 5 Relationship Rules You Gotta Break

You would think that winning a girl back involves doing all of the things that attracted her to begin with and led into a full-blown relationship.
After all, if they worked once… why not a second time around? Unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth.
The strategies for saving a relationship are very different than the […]

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