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Can You Win Her Back? 6 Signs She Still Wants You

By Dr. George Karanastasis

Can You Win Her Back?

So, you’ve recently broken up with your girlfriend and now you’re trying to win her back…

The problem is, you don’t know how to go about it… you’re confused. One day you’re sure she can’t live without you, the next, it seems like she couldn’t care less if you’re alive or dead (figuratively speaking).

With this in mind, is it any wonder that you’re questioning the possibility of getting her back?

Well here’s something to cast aside your doubts. What follows are 6 tell-tale signs she’s still interested in you (some more subtle than others). And if you can pick out even one, rest assured that your chances of saving your relationship are alive and well…

Sign #1: Conduct unbecoming of a mere friend… (e.g. excessive flirting, “innocent” kisses… or even straight out sex)

This sign should be obvious. Unfortunately most men dismiss it. Why? Because they (mistakenly) treat it as an open invitation to jump back into the relationship. However, when they suggest working things out… the proposition is quickly met with a hope-crushing comment such as “I think it’s best we remain friends”.

Why is that? Simple… the attraction is still there but the core essentials that keep couples together are missing. A relationship lives and dies with attraction - when the latter goes the former soon follows. However, attraction in itself is not enough to keep a girl. She has other needs and she’s either going to get them from you… or someone else.

The key here is to use an indirect approach. Let her come to her own conclusions that you’re capable of giving her what she wants. Do not verbally express this. She’ll take everything you have to say with a grain of salt… after all you are the ex with an agenda, right?

Sign #2: She gets jealous when you mention other girls

Whenever your ex girlfriend reacts to something you say (or do) it’s a sure sign she’s still interested. This goes double if she gets jealous of other girls. It means that she’s not ready to fully let you go… even though she won’t necessarily take you back. In her eyes, you still “belong” to her in a sense.

One word of warning: do not abuse this fact and deliberately try to make her jealous. You are in no position to be playing games. She clearly has the upper hand and you’re not emotionally ready to handle the consequences of losing.

Instead, just take comfort in knowing that the window opportunity to win her back is still open (if you play your cards right, that is)…

Sign #3: She attempts to makes you jealous by mentioning other guys

Just like with the last sign, this too is a dead giveaway that she still wants you. If she didn’t then she wouldn’t be going through the trouble to get a reaction out of you. She’d move on with her life without caring what you think of her (or any of her newfound “friends”).

However, many men seem to consider this a warning of worse to come. Don’t fall into this trap, and above all, don’t attempt to “get even”. Instead, keep your cool about the situation. It will only make her try harder to get you to react. And that’s exactly what you’re looking for if you want to win her back.

Sign #4: She gets furious when you blow her off

Are you starting to see a pattern here? Even a reaction such as anger should keep your hopes alive. It’s indifference that should cause you panic. But again, do not abuse this fact - it will come back to bite you in the…

Whenever you make plans (to call, meet, etc.) - keep them. If you don’t, sooner than later the tables will turn and it will be she that’s blowing you off. And if you need some space and can’t be in contact with her, politely tell her next time you see her. Don’t ignore her altogether.

Sign #5: She constantly calls, texts, or Emails “just to see how you’re doing”

It’s natural for your ex girlfriend to be concerned about your well-being after a breakup. But there’s a fine line between concern and downright desire to keep you in her daily life.

You see, if she was truly over you she wouldn’t feel the need to keep you so close… even if she considers you her best friend. Instead, she’d go looking elsewhere to fill the void this breakup has left her with.

However, you must tread softly with this sign and act accordingly. I know it’s nice to hear her voice on a daily basis but the last thing you want to do is go from being a temporary ex-boyfriend to a permanent friend. Keep a healthy distance in this situation.

Sign #6: She avoids tying up “loose ends”

For example, she keeps all of her belongings at your place and constantly puts off getting them back. Likewise, she stops by ever so often to pick up a few things at a time (even though she could have gotten them all in one trip).

Do you know why she does this? She’s not ready to let you go. By keeping her stuff in your possession and getting them a little a time, she has the perfect excuse to meet you on a regular basis.

So there they are: 6 signs she’s still interested, or better yet, 6 signs you can win her back. And again, if your ex is showing even one… rest assured that the window of opportunity to be with her again is still wide open. All you need to do is handle the situation with tact and you should be well on your way to saving your relationship.

And if you need more help in this matter, click here to read a special report that gives you a deceptively simple (yet highly effective) plan to win her back.

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42 Responses to “Can You Win Her Back? 6 Signs She Still Wants You”

  1. Allen Says:
    December 29th, 2008 at 3:06 pm

    My ex and I still stay together I will try to go sleep on the couch but she would say you don’t have to do that so I don’t we sleep in the same bed I will not try anything do to the fact that i’m afraid of pushing her away

  2. Darrin Says:
    January 5th, 2009 at 2:29 pm

    Dear Dr. Karanastasis,
    I was dating this girl for a year and a half coming up to thanksgiving. After dinner with her family she told me that we needed to talk. She explained to me that she needed some space to hang out with her friends more and do her own thing. She made it very clear that there is no one else and she does not want random meaningless sex, but she said she might want to go on a dinner date with someone later down the road if they ask. On top of that she still tells me she loves me, cares about me, and still thinks i’m good looking, but that she hasn’t gotten butterflies for a while and didn’t think it was necessary to tell me when it first started. She continuously and emphatically says that no matter what, she will come back to me and that i’m the one she wants to marry and have children with? She still asks to hang out roughly once a week and says we need to remain in each others lives. We met each other in a rough time in both of our lives and we have both changed ourselves around for the best. And we’ve always had a great sex life. I’ve done my best to give her space but she always brings things up about us… So it’s very hard. I was reading the signs that she wants you back and 5 out of 6 ring true. What do i do? I can’t afford your book otherwise i’d buy it… I also feel i have a really unique situation going on here but don’t know how to go about it? And she also has outside influences that tell her that she should be partying it up single while in college and experience other guys. Also we’ve never really argued and we’ve had a pretty balanced relationship and the “break” all happened so fast! I’ve put a lot of thought into whether i truly want her. It’s been a bit over a month now and i’m sure without a doubt that she is the one and only for me! What do I do!? I need some help. Thank you for your time and advice! Sincerely, Darrin

  3. Jjsj Says:
    July 16th, 2009 at 5:14 am

    Me and my ex were together for 22 months and she broke up with me. She decided right away we needed to sleep seperatly so I sleep downstairs. I have constantly told her how I feel and asked about a guy that asked her out. Tonight she came home for the first night and she says something is wrong but she does not know what, but she will tell me when she figures it out. But her and the other guy are not getting together. Tonight she sent me a message at work telling me she would be home. But she also asked for me to sleep with her tonight. Is that a sign she wants to get back or what.

  4. robert Says:
    September 1st, 2009 at 1:28 pm

    Darrin. Wow, reading your post I couldn’t help but see my own situation. Nearly word for word is exactly what I have been through the past week.It came out of nowhere…just need space..never argued or fought.. and I definitely know that she’s right for me. Let me know if you ever get any of the answers..

  5. seth Says:
    September 17th, 2009 at 2:08 am

    I broke up with my girl friend and now i want her back. I don’t know where to drawl the line on giving her sex, flirting, kisses, cuddling, letting her sleep over, and how much attention i should give her. how do i know if im over doing it? she never really calls or texts me first. should i persue her?

  6. Sean Says:
    October 10th, 2009 at 12:34 am

    I just came onto this site and it seemed really interesting. Me and my ex-girlfriend have been dating for 3 years and 3 months. We’ve had our great moments, and we’ve had our terrible ones.. but overall we were good. In September, she came out of the blue and told me she wanted to be single. I find out like two days later she has a new boyfriend (who is 32, and shes 19) and that she has moved into a new town, into his apartment. I’ve made all the mistakes that these sites say not to do, but now I’ve kind of gotten over her having a new man and what not.

    However, and this is where my question lies, she has been giving me A LOT of mixed signals. She could go days without texting or calling me, and when she sees me with another girl she texts me saying “wear a condom, please be safe”. Other times she will tell me “Jeremy (her new man) doesn’t feel comfortable with me texting you” so I said “Thats okay, I’ll delete your number.” she then freaks saying “Please don’t erase my number, please.” More recently we had met up because now I am trying to move on and I gave her a box filled with everything she had given me.. she started crying, telling me she loved me and missed me but things are different now, etc etc. I held her because I can’t stand to see her cry, and we actually kissed for a couple of seconds. Three days later I went to her job to buy something and her boyfriend was there (hes a co-worker of hers as well) and he saw me, and like 5-10 minutes later she called me.. I ignored it, but there was no voicemail or anything. Its been a week now..

    My question is, what should I really do? I want her back because I really do love her and its obvious to me she still has feelings, but what is my best course of action? One minute she seems cold and distant, the next she acts like she is DYING to hear from me.. please help me?

  7. JW Says:
    November 14th, 2009 at 9:03 am

    By reading your letter it is not hard to see she is mixed up. The best thing in my eyes would be to stay friends and let her sort out her feelings. Be there as a friend only. If the time comes when you know she is ready and she is willing to give you 100% then and only then should you consider taking the next step. BUT !! Take it very slow at that point. If she honestly loves you she will respect you.
    One last thing. This for your sake. Look at what’s best for you. Be honest with yourself and ask the question. Will she give you everything your looking for.

  8. christopher grundy Says:
    November 15th, 2009 at 4:23 am

    me and my girlfriend i guess just broke up tonight and i said some words that were not right i guess cause i was pissed and upset we live together i dont have a place to go she is will to be my room mate i love her so much and it will kill me to see or even hear that she is with someone else, i’ve wrote her a note asking her to give me one last chance is that a good thing to do? and plus we have a wonderfull son together and she’s a wonderfull mother to my son as well

  9. Calvin Says:
    February 17th, 2010 at 10:38 pm

    I was in a relationship since may 2008 (the honeymoon year). 2009 arguments increased throughout. She broke up with me for about a day in january, then we moved in a one bedroom in mid april with some more issues but still our relationship was very good and we loved each other. Money and jobs were an issue among other things. In September she moved her mother in who had no job and still doesn’t, and then her sister who lost her apartment. We were already having problems and then I became the one with no job while she worked and I was unable to work things out with all the interference. After an argument in early october with essentially all three of them I moved out but later told her that I only did it to get away from them not her. Both this and January was abandonment issues with her, and she broke up with me again. After “dating” someone else she reconciles with me the next month and talks about us living together exclusively for this year, but i guess the scars of her family living there (because they give her stress too) my inability to meet her needs, my personal issues, and her personal issues took a toll, and in January of this year she tells me that she no longer feels the same about me/us, no spark, doesn’t love me in that way, but still deeply cares about me and I’m about the only person she can truly talk to. She even feels weak to me and claims that I made her feel normal, and I tried to console her. But after another argument this seems to conveniently let her go of me. Her neediness of me is gone now. She still hopes I’m okay, and I was very frustrated at her breaking up with me again (i just finally realized the 3 breakups), said some mean things, pleaded, and tried to reason, and tell her to take some time before dating anyone else. She may not be “dating” but she still talks to other guys and despite saying she wants to be on her own she doesn’t want to be ALONE, and she can talk much easier to guys.
    Basically there are a few signs that suggest that I could win her back. She still likes talking to me, still thinks dearly of me, didn’t rule out totally us getting back together even when her mother suggested that, prayed that things would work out between us and doesn’t want it to be this way, but the opposite: she says I’m not the man for her, we are too similar, we may have grown apart.
    But I don’t feel this way, and so many unfortuante circumstances interfered and ruined with out chance to discover true happiness and we must not give up.
    I can’t imagine my life without her, but I know I have to go on.
    What I’ve eventually done is like the sites said, I told her I accept the break up and I’m going to move on from you. She kept talking to me for the rest of the day, and I was like NO I cannot do that, but I do love talking to her. So on V-Day morning I told her I have to stop talking to you for several weeks. She agreed but I don’t know her true feelings. Today is day 3 or 4.
    Am I on the right track?

  10. David Says:
    March 2nd, 2010 at 8:25 pm

    my ex and i were together for about 2 and a half years and have a beautiful lil girl together but in sept 09 i came home from work and she was gone with a note saying she couldn’t handle it anymore and has moved in with her mum 160 miles away I tried calling her to know avail then had bassically no contact for 4 months she let me call my daughter 3 times a week but her mother took those calls then all of a sudden after our first visit with my daughter she starts texting again asking about my new gf so i broke of with my current so we could give it another try and things went well for a while about 6 weeks then last weekend i went up to stay and we had fun we talked cuddled kissed had a great time together although i had damaged my ankle the day before i went up and i had honestly forgot to tell her it needs xrays but told her when i came back and she hit the roof and now all of a sudden were goin with the flow what the hell am i supposed to do

  11. Harley Ferrell Says:
    March 16th, 2010 at 9:13 pm

    My girlfriend just broke up with me a fews days ago and she still is letting me stay with her in her bed at night we arent having sex but we still cuddle like if we were still together is this a sign saying theres a real good chance that we will bed together again?

  12. Kev Says:
    May 6th, 2010 at 6:40 pm


    I live in the Boston area and I’m trying to get back a girl 5 years younger than me who lives in BayShore, NY… I’m too uncomfortable disclosing her age but my love for her is very intense, but she dumped me in March, and this all happened on FaceBook, including the place we met…She can post some immature status’ and do immature things but interestingly, whenever I post links on my wall to restaurants in Bay Shore, she comments on them, whether harsh or whatever, but she shows interest to a certain level and I’m wondering if that could be interest about getting me back and she constantly now posts these stupid LOVER OF THE DAY application things with pictures of different guys, German and not German and she knows I speak German… Are these signs she wants me back? ;) Thank you! :) I am now giving her space, but I did happen to comment back on her comments on my BAYSHORE restaurant stuff.. I hope this isn’t considered stalking her, she did it on my page. She thought I was sabotaging her and stalking her before all of this but then I think we started getting along and she sent me a friend request and she currently asks me when I stopped thinking about my ex-girlfriend before her and asked me if I loved her more than her.. I said to her that I loved her a lot more than her…I told her that my love for her is the size of Mt. Everest, etc.! :) During the drive back from picking my car up at the gasoline station upon following the repairs done to it, I blasted hip hop music in it and thought constantly of her! :( I can’t live without her! :( She re-friended me in late April and when we first met, I originally friended her…. She is so beautiful and I don’t want to lose her! :) She is/was truly a godsend angel and I’d totally die for her! :)

  13. daimein Says:
    June 20th, 2010 at 11:07 pm

    i was recently dumped by my exfiance of 6 years! we went thru a lot together, but i know she is the 1 for me.I cheated in 05 & got another female pregnant while we were still together. Ive done my share of bad & so has she ,but I know she is the 1 i wanna marry reguardless of the past i want to build a beautiful happy future with her.My question is am i wating my time tryna get her back, or is her love worth it?I mean she is the mother of my daughter & i love her with all my heart!! Ive changed all my bad habits for the good of us , but if not for her i dont think that i would have realized alot about me & life that i didnt get before.I love her so much ,but should i continue to chase her & try to get her back??????????????

  14. Pablo Says:
    June 30th, 2010 at 3:07 pm

    I came upon this note while looking for that movie titled “He’s just not that into you” or something like that and I saw the link to it and decided to check it out.

    Interesting, isn’t it?

    Is she still into you, or is she not?

    What the heck does she really mean by “let’s just be friends”? Why does she tell you one thing and does another?

    Chances are she is playing mind games and you bit the hook!

    The moment she asks you for space, or gives you the “we need to talk” moment… the moment she starts making excuses not to be sexual with you… and all those little things that give you that “gut feeling” that something is up…


    And I mean it, LET HER GO OR ASK HER TO GO!

    Move on, DO IT!

    Go find some other woman who REALLY wants to be with you. Believe me, you will find her.

    There are lots and lots of them no matter what your looks are or whether you are rich or not! I must add of course, you need to take a good look at yourself and ask yourself if you would want to be with you (if you were a woman), given the way you behave and the way you carry yourself.

    BE HONEST with yourself and don’t tell yourself the crap you want to believe.

    If you need to change, do it.

    Don’t stay there (or go get drunk and cry to your friends!) and be miserable thinking of what it could have been or what couldn’t or what you did wrong (Although you may have done it, but only you will know and if you don’t, then it’s your job to find out what it was and LEARN from it!).

    I’ve had my share of women and I have found that they are ALL THE SAME from the behavioral standpoint.

    Do you still have a chance?

    In many cases you do given the signals mentioned above. The question actually should be: Do you really want to have that chance? Is she really worth your seeking that chance?

    In many instances we men tend to settle for less.

    When we could go find a better woman, we instead settle for the one that shows up first and we leave it at that. It is easy and comfortable.

    Think about it.

    Things have changed.

    The sexual revolution WOMEN GAVE THE WORLD, has created a level playing field with women and we need to be aware of it and use it to find our own happiness.

    Yes, they ask you to be “friends only” and will cuddle and hug and kiss and maybe even have sex with you again and again… but if they have asked you for “space”, don’t fall for that! Don’t get used! If they want space… GIVE IT to them! Really!

    Cut ALL your ties!

    This means no texting, you don’t call her, and let all her calls go unreturned, have the balls to nicely blow her off if she shows up in person “to see how you’re doing.” Keep in mind that you have to be courteous and decline her approaches in a polite way without being rude, offensive or abusive. There is no place for a man like that in all things women.

    In your gut of guts, you must let her go.

    Be a man and do it.

    It will pay off big time!

    Ohhhh… and make sure she takes all her crap with her! Don’t keep her stuff at your place. Put it in a box and deliver it to her if she didn’t take it. Don’t call her and expect her to come pick it up. Really, you have no business keeping it with you!

    You need the space for the NEXT WOMAN who really wants to be with you, remember?

    Someone out there said: “Give them the gift of ‘missing you’!”

    You would not believe how powerful that is until you experience it!

    You see?

    When they come to you with this crap of “I miss you but I we can only be friends”, they know they have you and they know that they can manipulate you. When they tell you: “I need space”, “I need to find myself”, and all those cute little expressions they use, look at them in the eye and tell them “GO”! AND MEAN IT!

    If they are yours, they will come back sooner or later. Most of the time, they will. And when they do, tell them “GO, FIND YOUR SPACE (or whatever it is they wanted to find)!” again! Really… don’t fall for any tricks! Do it several times until you decide, on your terms to take them back. And that goes to say, if they don’t come back, they you already know your answer! Move on! They are history and you should go find one who wants to be with you!

    And no, DON’T GIVE THEM SEX when they come looking for it!

    Women are human too and need sex as much as we males do. The caveat here is that they can use it against us when we hand it to them freely.

    You should not let that happen! Ever!

    Don’t let them manipulate you with sex.

    Think about it.

    If she wants you she’ll respect that! Why shouldn’t it be? If she gets pregnant, you are expected to face up to it, don’t you? Wouldn’t you want to have sex with a woman who is worth the consequences? Wouldn’t you want to have sex with a woman who really wants to be with you?

    You have it within you to get sex with a woman other than her. Don’t allow her to sexually manipulate you.

    You have heard many women say that “Men think with their penis” and this is why they say it. Unfortunately, testosterone is the “blessed curse” that makes us fall for it. They know that they can get most of us men by using sex and thus use sex to manipulate us.

    Sex is something you should always have on YOUR TERMS and you should keep it that way.

    Shall I say it again?

    OK… Move on!

    Women are “trained” since they are children to look good and as they grow up, they learn to present themselves as sexually attractive to us men.

    Have you seen them give each other “the look”? Yes, I am talking about that “biatch look” in which they look at each other from top to bottom with that disdainful expression that is so difficult to miss…! Why does it take place? That look comes as a result of their unspoken competition for the best men in their environment. They criticize each other’s dress (God forbid they find wearing the same exact dress!), or hair or make up? If you haven’t been paying attention, you better get started! It is quite telling!

    The truth is, we men fall for their looks because we are hard-wired to unconsciously fall for it. And fall we do.

    YOU can use that to your advantage.


    Eat better! Go to the gym and lose your flab - SOME muscle will make you sexually appealing to them! Take care of your health! Go buy yourself better clothes (ask good looking female friends to help you shop for them, they will love to help you)!

    Get a better job! Go to school and learn somethng to earn a better living! Remember the Sexual Revolution? Well, because of it, we men now have to compete with women for the same job and they have the upper hand because most of them are better prepared through schooling! Women are now making more money than men, did you know? I hope you know that, but if you don’t, wake up and smell the change!

    It is up to you to do what you have to do to get what you really want.


    Believe me, sooner or later better women will start coming when you least expect it!

    They will!

    It always gets better.

    It is true!

    The more experience you get with women, the more selective you become and the better women you will get. Don’t settle with the first one you find with open legs, even if the legs feel good. There are better legs out there!

    Your life is only one and you should make the most of it.

    Give yourself the opportunity to find a GREAT woman!

    Forget the jealousy stuff… Really!

    Who cares what she thinks if you or she is seeing someone else?

    She got her chance and she lost it.

    If she wants you back, she must prove that she deserves a second chance. And if you decide you want to give her a second chance, don’t blow it.

    DON’T BE A JERK and manipulate her only because you gave her a chance.

    Respect her as the human being she is and give the relationship a HONEST, GOOD, and FAIR chance of being.

    A real man does not play games.

    That goes to say, don’t lose control of the situation, this is your life too and you should decide how to live it.

  15. c.perry Says:
    October 15th, 2010 at 4:15 am

    recently my girlfriend has grown distant saying she doesnt no what she wants in life and two days ago she more or less broke up with me but with advise from my dad i suggested a brake which she said would be good but she also said after she doesnt think it will work but the thing the confuses me is the she says im the best thing in her life and that she loves me but she doesnt know what she wants in life my friend and i have both said the things you want in life change and that there is a possibility that i am what she wants and to make things worse she is in uni 4 hours away so we cant talk face to face. I know she is the one for me and i am currently saving up for an engagment ring and we have both talked about the future and what house we want, what our wedding will be like how many children and now this is happening it feels like my whole future is burning and i feel helpless i just want things to be how they were i need her in my life and really dont want to lose her but she has said that she would still want to be friends, without being vain i know she wants to be with me but she wont stop over thinking things. I would like to know if anyone has been through this but i really just needed to get it off my chest, thank you to all that read this and thank you to anyone who replys.

  16. Matt Says:
    January 3rd, 2011 at 7:24 am

    @ Pablo

    I broke up with my ex last march.. still have those days though ya know?

    Your comment reminded me of how I should be thinking about things, since my ex has suddenly moved back into my neighborhood, and is texting me, I started feeling like I might want to give it a shot, but have NO idea how to start it off..

    Now that I read ur comment, I think I’d actually rather save the good times in memory and forget about what could have been. There’s other women out there.


  17. david Says:
    January 12th, 2011 at 6:25 pm

    on dec 2nd 2010 i came home from work to find my fiance on the sofa waiting for me, she said we need to talk and decided to say…IT’S OVER, i was crushed, we’ve been together for 8 and a half years and i am crushed. we have a 16 month old son and i had to move out of my home, just before xmas. its been the hardest time of my life especially not seeing my boy every day. we have had some money problems and been a bit stressed but the thing is she is adamant now its over and doesn’t want to even try and work things out.

    The thing that bugs me is this, we have been split for 6 weeks now, i told her i stil love her and im very much on love with her and if this is what she wants then to leave me alone, only phone or text about our boy and if there is a problem because i am struggling with this.

    She is adamant that i have to text when i have my son so she can know he is ok, it is so frustrating, the only reason we should text is if there is a problem. And all our photos and everything are still up in the house she hasn’t taken anything down, ive had so many mixed signals and i just can’t cope. i’m starting to get angry about it and the last thing i want is to push her away. who knows what will happen but women are master manipulators especially if you don’t have much experience in breaking up like me.

    It’s almost as if she has done 8 and a half years of breaking up school, just graduated and is using all her knowledge on me. I have made all the errors telling her i love her etc now i’m at the other end where i just want her out of my life for good, or back in it for good, not what we have. How the hell do i get through this? anyone?

  18. BBoy Says:
    January 19th, 2011 at 9:28 pm

    Please Guys Listen to me. I have had 4 relationships in the past 15 years. I am not one for settling down yet. But, just a word of advice!!! The girls that always come back to me are the ones that I let go completely no matter how hard it was, think about it - do not become a puppy dog PLEASE!!!! No Love letters, flowers, or meeting her places and if you do ignore her. Just say FUCK IT and leave it alone. Trust me PLEASE!!! What the fuck are guys sending her shit after the break up, you broke up that shit is meant for being together not after a break up, your desperate and that is a big turn off. I happen to try the opposite with my last girl and now she is furious with me and is so angry with me. But all I did was text her about the great time we had together and the memories. I think I lost my true love on this one. But please, seriously guys, women want men not whiners and desperate men. Another bit of advice, do not take your women for granted like I did my last one. I fucked up and now I may have lost her. 3 simple steps to take after break up.

    1. Don’t give a shit
    2. Don’t chase her
    3. Be friendly and do not blubber with her when she does call, act like it didn’t bother you.

    Sooner or later, whether it be months to years, if it’s meant to be it will be. TRUST IN YOURSELF THAT YOU DID A GOOD JOB AND SHE WILL REMEMBER THIS!

    If you act different after the break up, she will know who you really are. Please save you yourself from looking like a complete idiot!

  19. Steve Says:
    January 29th, 2011 at 8:52 pm

    Ok so me and my gf were going out for 3 years before we broke up we have been broken up no for 2 months. We started dating wen she was a freshman in hs and now she is a senior im a sophomore in college. We went on a break in october but that lasted 4 days and we were going back out for a month until she broke up with me again. i had the feeling she liked her boss from work who is the same age as me as i would be driving thru our town i would see his car around town and would see she was hanging out with him and she would bring him to parties in the town and stuff. Now i dont see him anymore and i have heard my ex has gotten with atleast 3 guys already and shes trying to be sneaky about it and thinks that i dont no and she doesnt tell any of the kids in her grade that she knows i talk to. so she has been saying to me for months that she is over me and i need to move on and i need to get over her. i never really gave her space and was trying to follow her and wat not bc she kept sayin to me her and her boss were just friends but now i dont see him around town anymore i dont even think they talk outside of work. it just seems my ex is going from guy to guy. but anyway she messaged me on facebook wed. saying she misses having a bf bc she has had one for 3 years but i made her unable to miss me bc of the things i was doing she said she will always have a special place in heart for me and that out time is over and shes not turning back and she proceeded to thank me for the stuff i did in the relationship for her and how i was there for her and at the end of the message she said i didnt have to respond she just wanted me to no that. than 3 days later she texts me saying hey i said hey back she goes did u get my message lol i said yea and she said do u understand everything bc i feel bad i just want u to be happy and i said yea i understand and she said i just want to be friends and i said yea im cool with that ( also this is just 2 months after we broke up she wants to be friends). than the next day she texts me again saying she has my under armour leggins that she found them and didnt even ask if i wanted them back she just told me she found them. and i saw pics my one friend out up that she was wearing the ring i gave her for our 1 year the night she texted me about the message and i havent seen her in any pics or in person wearing it since we first broke up. lik she tells me she moved on and i should to but how can i if were friends and i feel she knows that and shes just keeping me around for wen she wants a bf and is done going thru this phase shes going thru but idk im sooooo confused

  20. Jeff Says:
    June 6th, 2011 at 5:14 am

    Hi, (pardon my english). I need your opinion about this… 2 months ago my ex girlfriend ended our relationship without giving me any reason. I texted her, i call her, and message her on facebook. But she doesn’t respond. But now, I think I know whats that reason. I really want her back, so I did search on google and I found this website. After I read the 3 steps, it motivated me to move on and make a plan to make her back to me. But few days ago, I saw her online on facebook, I didn’t chat her, i went offline, then online again, but i can’t see her name on online friends. I do check her profile and guess what, SHE DELETED ME AS HER FRIEND ON FACEBOOK. That time, my feeling is the same as when she dumped me. It is a big deal for me because facebook is the reason why we met. And also facebook is the only midium to contact her because she changed her number, although we are schoolmate. My question are: is that a bad sign? is that decrease my chance to get her back? is that mean that she don’t love me or miss me anymore?
    PLEASE, answer my questions…

  21. Tom Says:
    June 8th, 2011 at 11:05 am

    My ex says she cares about me and always will but she’s not sure about her full out feelings. So I’ve been given her space. By the way an ex from over a year ago. Did I do the right thing? What should I do next? Please help me!

  22. Sundoulos Says:
    July 15th, 2011 at 6:46 am

    First of all, most everything that Pablo says is on the money. In retrospect, I really think that sex before marriage complicates the relationship, because you don’t know if the “love” is really emotion & good sex or really love. I’ll attempt to be brief about three exes: The first one that I had, I’d fell in love with when I was in the second grade & she was in the first grade. I even asked my first grade teacher who she was (she was in her class). Fast forward; 20 years later, we finally did get together only to break up. She never gave me a reason why, but I still have no hard feelings towards her. I will always love her (we never had sex, even though I could have numerous times). The second one was the one after the first one. Long story short; we became engaged (she gave me her virginity, which I thought was special at first, but then the aftermath made me come to resent that I was the chosen one to do it), but when she became close to finishing her degree, she wanted to break up. She had her eyes on some sophmore that all of her friends were into as well (but she conquered him). After that, she wanted to come back & even made a scene accusing me of distrust (even though SHE was the one who slept w/ someone else to cause it). The third girl had a sick grandfather that I would occasionally watch. We had broken up when I went to sit with him on this particular day. I get over the house & find used condoms on her dresser from the night before. When I asked her about it, she tried to make it MY fault (even though before the break-up, she said that we should stop having sex, only to say that the reason that she had sex with him was that she hadn’t had it in a long time & he turned her on). This is advice that I received from two WOMEN, so take heed.

    For girl no. 2: She came home on fall break & called me; actually, her deceased sister in-law called me at my mother’s house to run interference in case my mom had answered the phone (she knew everything) & then gave the phone to my ex. I didn’t really know who it was, but I was expecting a phone call from a girl out of state that I was going to meet in a couple of weeks, so when she asked did I know who it was, I naturally called out the other girl’s name. Basically, she said that she would be in town & that she wanted to see me (like we were still in a relationship or she had that kind of authority to demand requests). My response; you take care of yourself (that was the last time we ever had a conversation on the phone). My cousin (woman) told me not to even respond to that foolishness, because she wants to have you at home & the other guy when she’s at school; that is why she doesn’t want you to visit her up there, but want to see you down here.

    Girl no. 3-We broke up & she said that she wanted to remain friends, but all she really wanted was the benefits of a girlfriend without the title. My mother (God rest her soul) told me not to communicate with her for two weeks and the tables turned real quick. She went from demanding to desperate instantly.

    I know that this is a lot of monologue, but I say all of that to say this; if a girl wants space, change, a break, etcetera, give it to her. That means totally. Don’t make it comfortable for her when she disregarded how it might effect you. If she needs her space, tell her you need yours, too, because you have to readjust now that you’re not together; if she comes up with a million and one reasons why you should compromise being friends w/ her (even though she broke up with you), she doesn’t deserve you, period (and she’s selfish & narcissistic for thinking her feelings matter more than yours). Don’t fall for crocodile tears, emotional mood swings, none of it. Disregard her level of comfort; I repeat, disregard her level of comfort. Today, I am happily married to a woman who respects my feelings as much as I respect hers, but it probably would’ve never happened if I stayed on the imaginary island of “What if”. That will happen at first (shock, emotion, reflection of time invested), but disregard it. You’ll be a lot better off. The main thing is to protect YOU; take a page out of her book; she’s protecting herself or looking out for her best interests; make YOU your best interest when this occurs. I will say this, also; put EVERYTHING into your relationship. This way, if it doesn’t work out, you can walk away knowing that you did everything you could to sustain it. It won’t be as hard when you know that you didn’t short change her during the course of the relationship..

  23. Garrett Says:
    August 10th, 2011 at 10:35 pm

    Hey my girlfriend broke up with me a few days ago and I am scared she will only wanna be friends… she said she didnt feel the same way and I know what I did wrong I even told her and she was pretty surprised she said she still loves me she said never forget that.. then she says I can call her message her and hangout with her whenever I want and this weekend I’m staying at her grandfathers house and he goes over there literally everyday and she says she’s excited to see me…. HOW DO I GET HER BACK?

  24. Jack Says:
    September 5th, 2011 at 6:32 am

    me and my gf have been dating for 3 years and 4 months. i rarely get mad at her. we have good and bad times together, overall good. she suddently wanted a break and the “i need space.” she is seeing others guys, but not dating them. we still keep in touch, and she always tells me her problems. i ask how are you doing, and she gives me an essay of how she is feeling. i still love her. but i dont know if she wants me back. what should i do?

  25. aric Says:
    September 7th, 2011 at 5:04 am

    I don’t really want my ex back, strangely enough I thought she was the same person whom she presented herself when we were dating - not anymore. She seems to have this bad girl mentality, and it’s a big turn off.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like a trophy girl, but, I don’t want a dick magnet. I’ve dated plenty of those types, and the insecurity felt is not worth it.

    I’m looking for a girl to settle down with, heck, maybe 3-4 years down the road - have kids with. I am tired of the dating scene, I am looking to get serious. I am only 19 years old, but, I am planning on returning back to college - and making a good living to support a wife & kids.

    When girls who try to date me get into details, I end up spewing out what Im looking for and it doesn’t go anywhere. Which is fine, cause if I lied - and hit the bed, eventually the word “I love you” would come out - and I don’t want to say something I don’t mean.

    So heres the problem, I made contact with my ex - she had broken up with this douchebag, and I figured - hey what the hell, lets see if shes back to being the girl I originally dated for. Nope. I don’t want to be her garbage bag and I don’t want to be one of the gals, so, I’m thinking about just saying - “you know it was a mistake, people change, and I guess it just isn’t possible being friends with ex’s.”, at the same time, I don’t know if shes fucking around with me - So I might give this more time or ignore her. I don’t know.

    Girls can be a real pain in the ass sometimes. They wonder why when we come home from work, sometimes we either just want to have a cigarette and kick back, play some video games, or have time to our self.

    It’s not worth it going back to your ex. Believe me. I’ve been in your shoes - you think your ex is the only one who understands you, etc, etc. WRONG. Let love in fall in your hands, don’t go looking for it. For the time being, WORK ON YOU.


  26. eddie Says:
    September 11th, 2011 at 7:34 pm

    Ok so me and my ex were together about 3 years now. We go to different schools and everything seemed fine. Now that we are apart, she is dating this other man whom “knows what he wants in life” but I did all I could to keep her happy, and she said if I had asked to marry her she would still be with me, but I literally always proposed! We live in the same city and I would see her almost everyday andalways tell her I loved her. Now that we are apart, she tellsme she cannot imagine her life without me, I call her every night like nothing happened, for she still tells me she wants me to. And she makes as many possible plans to hang out with me. When I ask her if we ever would have another chance, she tell me she hopes later down the road. Bear in mind, when I speak to her at night, I always remind her of our old relationship and allthehappy memories and she says she loves to hear me speak to her. She acts like she wants me when she’s not with her boyfriend, but cancels me out when they’re together. Oh and she’s promised to be abstinant for me. I’m so confused, I truly love her but i dk what I should do, somehow I feel like there’s still a chance. Am I incorrect?

  27. vits Says:
    September 18th, 2011 at 1:23 pm

    My situation is contradicts to what you have mentioned on the 6 points. I was in a relationship with my ex girlfriend for more than 2 years. we had lots of short terms break but got back again. but the last break up is different. after we broke up for the last time, she hasn’t shown any sign of existence. do you think she is still interested in me after we had a happy relationship for more than 2 years. please mail to me. Thanks.

  28. Robert Says:
    September 25th, 2011 at 11:27 am

    My ex girlfriend and I were dating for 6 and a half months. She dumped me and went out with one of my best bros. Well she has been dating with other people off and on all throughout the summer and is dating someone right now as i am typing this. My birthday was yesterday and I invited her over with a few of my bros and had a blast. Well we started walking around together and had a nice long talk. Well she decided to tell me that she regrets dumping me and holds my hand for a while right. Well out of nowhere her mom pulls up and she’s gotta go. She gets me to come over to her and she gives me a litte innocent kiss. I have no idea what to do now. Thanks.

  29. brandon t Says:
    October 6th, 2011 at 12:56 am

    my ex an i have been dating for goin on 4 years the last 2 years she been goin to college up state well ween she goes its like she changes idk if its the lack of contact or stress but she starts saying she stell loves me but is unsure if she loves me the same way i just dont under stand it comes outa no were one day she can be completly loving perfect then she hits me with that but just recently she took it as far as breacking up with me i have no idea if this is a temp thing or not but my heart is burning i honest to god love this women an plain on making her my wife but im so lost idk what to do my love for her is undowtable an she knows that its her unsernty thats the problem plz any advice sugestions idc anything plz help me plz…

  30. Andile Says:
    October 21st, 2011 at 2:06 pm

    Hey guys if u want her back,i think the NC strategy works,my gf broke up wit me last wednesday via text.The text went like dis “i cnt do dis anymore,im sori plz dnt clo me back,take care”.I ddnt reply and the following day i texted her and said “i got ur msg last nyt,it’s cool”.i immediaetly blocked her on facebook and hvnt called or text her eversince.Suprisingly,on wednesday dis week she called me and said she was checking on me,we chatted bt ddnt ask her anythng.BE FRIENDLY ALL THE TIME AND NEVA TALK ABT UR RELASHIONSHIP AND HOW U MISS HER,JUST ASK HER HOW HER DAY WAS,she’ll come around.I’M also hoping for the better!!!!!!!!!

  31. CAM Says:
    November 3rd, 2011 at 12:23 pm

    Written by a female (caveat, I’m addressing men & women in this post):
    These mind games are nothing but a drain on our self-esteem and emotions. Whatever happened to being respectful and honest with our partners?
    I never knew how to play “hard to get.” My mother used to tell me how important that was to get a man but I just never ‘got it.’ I was always an open book I suppose. I once read “The Rules”–OMG….trashcan.
    I’m 5′10″, blonde, and I’m told I’m pretty attractive BUT I never had guys chasing me or even many dates for that matter (I’ve also been told I intimidate men–not MY issue to deal with). If I didn’t have boat-loads of men at my feet bc I didn’t play the ‘head games,’ so be it for me.

    I want my relationships to be authentic and I want to be
    respected enough to be above playing mind games with. Really, what does it say about ourselves and/or our partners when we’re being deceitful, i.e., Pretend you don’t care, Don’t return his calls, Ignore her. If we have to do all that, is it worth it???? Do we want to get our mate back under those conditions?
    Guys, do yourselves a favor. Pay attention to those red flags when she tells you one thing but does another. “I love and want to be with YOU but this other guy fulfills my needs.” Um, what??? If you accepted that BS then YOU just gave her permission to knock your self-esteem down a notch. Yes, you’re fault, not her.

    None of us can really say that our gf/bf’s are cruel people UNTIL we allow them to treat us cruelly. Am I right?

  32. Timmy Says:
    December 15th, 2011 at 10:43 pm

    Ok, me and my ex have been together for what woul dhave been 2 years. We had a baby togethere she is almost one, we got married on July 4 of this year. We were forced to live with my parents for about 11 months, and then we lived with her parents for about 10 months, her and her mom get into fights all the time and get on each others nerves, her dad is too opiniated and likes to get on both of our nerves. I was way too influenced by her dad, and 2 weeks before she kicked me out cause she was crying sayig how she hated living with her parents, and then the 2 weeks later she kicked me out, telling me she didn’t love or care for me anymore, and that she wasn’t ready for marriage and just wants to be single for a while. I keep trying to be romantic and cute, but at the same time I tell her I miss her, and we have sex quite a lot, she shows all 6 signs from your list, but at the same time when she’s with me she’s really happy but when she’s around her parents she acts very distant. I think she avoids her feels for me so she doesn’t miss me, but I wanted to ask you what you thought. Her parents try to run her life, she’s 22 and they tell her she can’t have sex with me anymore. But I am trying to talk her into getting a place with me, but I don’t want to force it on her, I want to get my place and invite her over to show her how nice it would be if it was just me, her, and our daughter. I am just really lost and trying to figure out whats wrong with her and how I can handle the situation, I am trying to pry just a little bit but not too much so I don’t push her so she hates me. I mean when a couple really seperate, and usually in any break up if its over one usually hates the other, but I know our love is different, I just need help showing her.

  33. Adrian Says:
    December 25th, 2011 at 7:39 am

    This is my story and y’all need to read and pay attention. I have been married for 5 yrs. I never treated her bad, cheated,hung out with the guys, never ignored her…etc.. All the things women complain about. I knew that they complain about this so I made sure I didn’t do it. I heard all the same things yall heard. I need space, time to find myself , we need to be friends, blah blah blah. I did move out and went no contact and she started texting about how sorry she was and how she wanted me back…. I fell for it and came back… Things went back to the same, cold shoulder, need space, etc. what y’all fail to realize is that most women won’t leave someone unless they have someone… They need space because they are interested in someone but aren’t sure yet if they want this person. The reason they give mix signals is not because they want you back its because they are selfish and can’t be lonely. Idiots like us stick around. In the end I found she had someone else.. I can guarantee if you all look, you will see most of them have someone… Funny thing is as soon as I found that out and realized how very little respect she has I let her go… She is now texting me to move my things in… (-_-) we have a 3 yr old. She is selfish, liar, and a manipulator…
    Best thing to do is this guys:
    1)Let them go, dont call, text, return call or apologize
    2)if they try to encourage you to move on politely decline their sympathy
    3) sit down and realize your worth… Its not you its them

  34. Adrian Says:
    December 25th, 2011 at 7:47 am

    4)be polite with them at all times if you MUST interact with them
    5)even though you love heer remeber that some women are manipulators, users, greedy, selfish, and will use you

    That’s the hard part realizing that these women aren’t really worth your time. See them for who they are and learn to fall in love with yourself. The day you love yoyeslf truly you will let her go without any second thoughts. Only them will you realize that YOU are causing all this stress to yourself by not moving on. Think about this, all women use the same lines and excuses, and once they do, if you stick around the only person who will be hurt is you, trust me.

  35. Ian Says:
    January 16th, 2012 at 11:03 am

    My wife asked me to massage her feet just after we had broken up after 7 years. what does it mean?

    I have just broken up with my wife about 2 weeks ago after 7 years. we have 2 children aged 4 & 6. She came to see me with them on Sat and while we were talking she suddenly put her legs on the coffee table and asked me to massage her feet. when we together we fight so much and she can be a little immature. She is 27. After the massage of her feet we talk some more and then end up in a quarrel then she takes the kids, leaves and says she hates me. I just dont understand whats happening?. I would like her to come home. Any advice appreciated

  36. Joey Pacheco Says:
    January 25th, 2012 at 3:20 am

    Me and my girlfriend broke up she told me she was losing love for me nd now she said she just wants to be friends. Now everytime i mention a girl she gets jealous nd then she mentions a guy.What way can I get her back with me and get off the friend zone?

  37. logan Says:
    January 29th, 2012 at 6:52 pm

    My girl friend and i broke up becouse she moved away even though we where like a perfect couple dose anyone think that if i found her again that we mite be able to get back together???

  38. John Says:
    February 11th, 2012 at 1:10 pm

    Hey everyone I have a huge problem… Ok me and my girlfriend were together for a year and 5 momths and 6 months Monday. We have been on a break for a little over a week now from all the fighting and arguing and being together every second of everyday so she didn’t know if she wanted to be with me any more bc of all the fighting. Then she said she was leaning toward getting back together with me and asked if there was anything I wanted to confess to and I knew exactly what she was talking about. The second month we were together my ex texted her saying ask him what happened when me and my current girlfriend first started dating. I’ve denied and swore and promise that nothing happened and I’ve done it multiple times when she’s asked about up until now. I was honest with her and I told her that I cheated on her a day after she asked me out it just happened and she told me she always known but was scepital about it bc ther was no proof. So I told her it happened but still lied about how it happened and she knows it. I have been wanting to tell her but I have been always scared to lose her and that’s why haven’t told her bc if I did we would have never had all the memories we have and done all the things we have done or have been as close as we were. We were so inlove and I am still so inlove with her I hurt so much and now she thinks it was all a lie and it wasnt everything we shared was all real and we both know it by all the memories and how we were. She said she doesnt know where we stand any more. She still tells me she loves me but only when I say it she doesn’t want me calling her baby or anything any more she talks to me only when I text her and it’s a one way conversation. I know I really hurt her really bad and I don’t know what to do. I asked her if we are over and she still said idk. She said I can have the promise ring I gave her back when ever she sees me bc it’s all been a lie. Our year and 6 months is the 13th and valentines day is the 14 and she doesn’t want to look at me or see me at all. What am i suppose to do bc I am truly inlove with her and i do love her with all my heart and I just want her back. And that was the only thing and the only time it happened I’ve been honest and faithful the whole way I haven’t talked to any girls or anything with girls besides her She still talks to all her guy friends and her ex and ppl she has done stuff with since we have been together. Even tho she says idk about being with me again. I have a feeling she won’t come back to me. I don’t want to let her go bc she is the love of my life but should I let her go? I’m so lost? If she comes back I will appreciate her more than ever and never lie again and never let anything come between us again and she doesn’t believe me that things will be different. And to top it all off her girlfriends don’t like me. How do get her back? How do I prove to her I’m sorry and I love her and I don’t want her to give up all the memories we have. How do I make her see that if I’ve told her sooner we would have never really happened and things would have been different? I just want her back. We were suppose to spend the rest of our lives together we had all these plans for us. I need advice

  39. Craig Says:
    June 3rd, 2012 at 1:16 pm

    okay.. so.. here goes my story. Lemme see if i can get it all in here. a few weeks ago i noticed my girlfriend of six years(and baby momma of 4 years) was .. becoming distant. so i started asking her whats wrong? are you okay? long day? you know.. stuff like that, trying to figure out what was up. after a week or two of that she finally told me she needed some space, and some time to think about her life, she felt like she was unhappy and she said she had been feeling this way for a couple months. so, i was all like.. are you serios? i thought we where doing great, everyone that knows us thought we were doing great. anyway, i kind of accused her of cheating because she started being all jumpy if she was on the phone and i walked in, and she was sitting outside for HOURS everyday after work “thinking”. let me give you a little more detail here. like i said together for 6 years and we have a three year old little girl that neither of us can live without. like any couple we had our problems but it seemed we always work through them (for a while) but then they return a month or a year later. so, she has always talked about getting married for as long as i can remember.. and i had some old school loans and was in debt. i told her that was the reason we couldn’t get married yet. but after i cleared all that up i would be more than happy to get married and spend the rest of my life with her. and we eventually got rid of the debt. so, we decided that we would move 5 hours away from everything we were used to and start a new life together, without any interference from our families. we move, i get back in school, baby girl gets to go to head start, the girlfriend gets a job. we were doing great (in my eyes) so.. she said something about a wedding like.. the colors or something and i said.. well.. that all sounds nice but.. what if we used this color? and i haven’t heard anything about a wedding since. anyway, after our big falling out last week. we dealt with the custody situation had something notarized by the state. decided to let kiddo go visit family back home for a week or two to straighten all this out and her not have to see or hear any of it. so finally we get back home, i come back to the house we lived in and she goes and stays with her new friend. he is a guy but she swears to me that they are just friends and i really do believe her. (I may be an idiot for that.. but i believe her). she says she is confused about everything in her life and she just needs time to think. all of her things are still here even though i have offered to bring them to her and tried helping her figure out how to get them to her new place. she lets me talk about us but she doesn’t say to much. i told her i feel like we have both bottled up so many little things over the years and didn’t communicate as well as we should have. she agrees and says that she still loves me but she needs time to decide if she wants to still be with me. anyway..we are trying to be friends and she even told me that she may move back in as a room mate. or she may even come home. she just has to figure it out. so we finally got everything worked out, neither of us have to worry about baby girl, shes at a friends, im at home, kid is not around for a couple weeks. i was with her for a bit yesterday and she still seems distant but i feel like she can’t really let go of me. we have been through SO much together and i am not just saying that we really have. i told her yesterday before she left i said okay… now that we have all of this worked out. you go find yourself and let me know whats up. she said okay i will call you in a few days or something. i said.. with some bad news or not. kind of as a joke. and her reply was im not sure and she sounded miserable when she said it. but i totally agree with her side of the story and i understand that this is what she feels like she has to do right now. and i told her its fine .. i don’t agree with her moving in with a guy she met a month ago. but that is more so to do with my child. i understand she is a grown woman and can do as she pleases.. it is just mind blowing. what do you guys think? if you need more details i have no problem sharing them all . thanks

  40. john Says:
    September 27th, 2012 at 12:02 pm

    One day i was sitting on a bench, a girl (my class fellow ) came and sit with me and started talking to me and did a friendship .she gave me her facebook id . We both add themseleves on facebook and we continously send msgs to one and other day and night . We talk about 3 to 5 days continously . She added my friends from my friend list ,they were also her classmates. ,means our class mates. We still msg to one and other but not with that bundle of msgs. My friends were after her and they started backstabbing of me. They always talk to her about me . And she fought me because of one of my friend, who lied to her. And i dont know any thing abt that . when she msged me with harsh words ,i abuse her and i blocked her on facebook.i dont know when i fell in love with her . Well after 3 or 4 months later ,she found that it was my friends fault ,i was innocent. Then we started talking back on facebook, on the same day i msged her that she is beautiful ,and i miss u and i always remember u. She stoped replying me. Then We did not talk for 6 months after that. Once again we fought in college because of her and i was very angry to her but actually i love her . And still we do not talk to one and other

  41. john Says:
    September 27th, 2012 at 12:09 pm

    Continued ….my story …….

    We still do not talk to one and other …. Now i want her back. I love her but i dont know how to talk her. even now she blocked me on facebook . I cant msg her from another account and i cant add her because she did a privacy. i went to college and i was thinking that today i will talk her. I told her friend that i want to talk her ,tell her to meet me or msg me on facebook . She told her but she did not reply. When i came infornt to her eyes she look other way . She turns her back to me . And she do not want to talk to me. I only want to say her that dear i love u , will u marry me .but she do not give me a chance to talk her. Now tell me gyz how to talk her ?

  42. David Says:
    December 19th, 2012 at 8:11 am

    I was devasted my g/f just turned 50 and decided after nearly 5 years it was all over and did it by phone. Its been about 6 weeks now and in the last 2 weeks we have not talked the first 4 weeks dropping off and picking up bits and pieces. But she turned 50 all of a sudden a face lift wants to replace her sports car with a newer one. I’m lost. We both did things wrong and now its all over just hope when i get this book it may help in some way


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