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Can Guys and Girls Be Friends? Absolutely NOT!

By Dr. George Karanastasis

Can Guys and Girls Be Friends?Guys and girls can not be friends. Yeah, I said it - they just can’t. I know
I’ll get some heat for this but it’s true.

Wait a minute!” I hear you crying, “I have many girl friends so what are you going on about?

Listen. I do too - but not by choice. In fact, men never choose to be friends with a girl. Do these friendships exist? Sure, but only in the following circumstances (and they’re certainly not “real” friendships):

1) He’s not attracted to her (but she most likely is)
2) He’s already in a relationship (but if he wasn’t he’d definitely “hit that”)
3) He works with or shares a class with her
4) She’s not attracted to him - which ties into the point of this post…

Guys and girls can not be friends because a guy always wants more… and that’s SEX.

Sure, guys will befriend girls they like when they can’t get them into bed - but given the chance - they’d escalate things in a heartbeat. In fact, many men maintain such relationships in hopes of something more. They don’t want to be friends - they want to ____ (fill in the blank).

On the other hand, a girl can easily be friends with a guy… but only with a “nice guy”. You know - the type she’s not attracted to… but loves to confide in about the men she really wants. And while she expects nothing more from him - he definitely does.

In any case, that’s why guys and girls can not be friends. Because either way you slice it, someone always want more - but sadly settles for less. And as far as I’m concerned, that’s not a true friendship.

Care to disagree? Then voice your opinion below…

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